Questions We've Been Asked:

Nope! Shocking right?! Search all you want! We currently have the ONLY clamp-on toy steering wheel for a stroller, grocery cart, etc.
We are so proud!
We hope to someday add one or two more colors (maybe pink even?!).
But The Weeli™ will likely always remain *simple* & non-overstimulating :) We want to add "calm" into a complicated world.
Nope! No batteries (or driver's license) required. The Weeli™ is intended to not contribute to a parent's (or child's) overstimulation (I have taken many batteries out of toys hehe).
So bring it on the airplane, to dinner, out shopping, etc. without worrying about noise.
*fingers crossed* that the Kickstarter campaign starts in early 2024.
Taking everything into account, you will receive your Weeli™ at a majorly discounted price by summer of 2024 if you contributed to the campaign!
If you did not contribute to the campaign, it should be available for purchase at full price here on this site :)
We utilized the common attachment mechanism that GoPro® cameras & hundreds of other cameras use.
We did so because it makes Weeli™ incredibly customizable & versatile!
Watch this video to see what we mean.